Neuropsychological and Psychological Assessment

Neuropsychological assessment and psychological assessment are processes of evaluating conditions that affect a person’s thinking, mood, and behavior.  These assessments are tailored to focus on the presenting complaints of the individual and offered in a manner that seeks to understand the unique factors influencing his or her functioning.  Psychological assessment seeks to gain a better understanding of a person’s emotional experience, behavior, and personality.  It is useful to help people understand events and patterns in their lives, as well as accurately diagnose psychological conditions and make informed and individualized treatment recommendations.  Neuropsychological assessment often serves these functions as well, and also involves completing a variety of tests designed to measure brain functions such as attention span, cognitive flexibility, and memory.  The diagnosis of brain damage, dementia, and amnestic disorders can be reached through neuropsychological assessment.

Psychoeducational Assessment

Psychoeducational testing is individually tailored to students of all ages to help maximize learning potential.  It can help determine whether a student is eligible for gifted placement or other special education, the presence of a learning disorder or attention deficit, as well as emotional issues such as anxiety that can impact a student’s performance.

Psychological Treatment Services

Psychotherapy is offered to individuals of all ages for a range of emotional and psychological issues including depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulty, sleep disturbance, stress management, bereavement, and “caregiver stress.”  Additionally, we provide couples and family therapy.

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